video recorder IC

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14DN210A Funai servo CPU in SDIP28
14DN210A  Funai servo CPU  may compatible to MN6745FVM in some models, check the schemati..
LA7222  -  Low Noise 2 channel 2 position  audio - video switch, Sanyo
  Functions: 2x independent low noise audio  video signal switch for general purpose A..
STK5373 power regulator IC
STK5373 power regulator IC  General purpose or for VCR recorders If out of stock no longer ..
STK5467  voltage regulator IC , 2x 12V, 1x 5,5V
  STK5467 voltage regulator IC  Hybrid IC , SIP12 voltage regulator with 3 outputs ..
STK6962  IC
  STK6962  IC   DC motor driver 25V 2A  manufacturer: SANYO  no w..
TD6360N-01 servo processor  Toshiba
Digital Servo processor in SDIP42 package for several VHS video recorders, LG, Goldstar, Toshiba ..