User guide

Main objects:                                       DOWNLAOD THIS USER GUIDE AS PDF HERE

Top menu:
Displays the top product categories. Some categories have sub categories.

Shopping Cart:
Displays the items are selected to purchase, and main details. Clicking on the icon will display a drop-down box with items are selected to purchase.  A Cart and Checkout options are also available.  

The shopping cart gives an overview of the products are selected,  There is an option to overview entire order and estimate shipping before heading to the checkout. The "Continue Shopping" button links back to the main page

Pricing, VAT, Total, SubTotal prices:
The seller is NON VAT registered, the displayed Total, Sub Tolal and any prices are Gros prices.

Currency block: you can change between EUR – USD and GBP. Click on the icon to change the currency. The exchange rate is updated automatically and subject to the OpenCart built in service. For exact rate check out your bank exchange rates and PayPal actual rates please before proceeding.
The main currency is USD here

Search Box: You can search for item, item description within the store categories and descriptions.

Checkout: There is no registration option here, registration is not necessary.  Instead a Guest checkout is available.

There may be trwo different checkout form here
The OpenCart built in checkout has at least 6 steps:

Step 1 -  The Guest Checkout option is selected – click to continue

Step 2 - Billing details - This option asks for billing details including "First Name", "Last Name", "E-mail", and "phone"  The address details are also required. If you do not want to share your phone number, fill in with 000 please

Step 3 - Delivery details  In Billing Details, the user can check a box to indicate that the delivery details and billing details are the same. This will cause it to skip over this step to Delivery Method. If the delivery details are different from the billing details you can enter information in a form in this section. In this shop you can enter different billing address,  but  the Shipping address will be your PayPal address.  Learn more about in terms and conditions.

Step 4 - Delivery method
A method of shipping is selected here. A comment box is to add comments about the  order.

Step 5 - Payment method
Actually only the PayPal payment is available.  Note. This shop is tested with latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari.  Other type of browsers may not work properly with this step or with other options. If any error message appears here, use please the tested browser versions or contact the customer service please.

Step 6: Confirm order
You will see an overview of purchase; including the product description, quantity, and price

Fast checkout:
In most cases a simplified fast checkout page can be seen here
You can do the checkout in 2 steps
1.   Fill in the required fields marked red. If you make mistakes, an error message will give moreinformation
Choose a flat shipping rate and select from the available payment methods. Read the terms and conditions
and check the field there, then press continue
2.  In the second page you can overview the order. In case of necessary correction you have to go back into
previous page or choose the checkout again fro the top menu. You should enter again the required data.
If you think, all of entered data are correct, then press confirm.
You will be redirected into the secure page of the payment processing service provider. Follow please the
guides of the service provider to complete the payment.
After the successful payment you have a notification in a short time by email.

Note – The seller is NON VAT registered, there is no TAX amount displayed separately.

Other menu options

Footer menu  Information:
About Us - brief description of the shop
Delivery Information – Detailed terms of delivery
Privacy Policy - The privacy policy
FAQ - Frequently asked Questions - this option is being filled with content
Contact Us – contact information
Terms & Conditions - privacy policy – Delivery information - you can find here the these texts together in one document
Returns  - product returns form
Site Map – the simplified site map

The category page can be accessed  from the top menu and by clicking on a category on the left side category block.

Product compare
The "Add to Compare" feature in the product section allows you  to compare the different features, and price of a number of products
To access this feature, add any product to “product compare” .

For full user manual check out the