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Delivery Information – cancellation – refund - attilaseboshop – Sebo Elektronik – January 2020

Extract from terms and conditions.
For full text see the Terms & Conditions - privacy policy – Delivery information page please

See the privacy policy at main page or at checkout also

Welcome to the web shop of Sebo Elektronik - attilaseboshop
Using or accessing this site indicates your agreement to the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

The language of the terms and conditions, site, web shop, reply messages is English only.

Sebo Elektronik provides its services to you subject to the terms, and conditions set in this agreement and according the privacy policy. Sebo Elektronik reserves the right to change it`s sites, accessibility, any details of site and terms and conditions, privacy policy at any time.

This agreement contains information as well, how claims are resolved, and about arbitrate which may require you to submit claims you have against Sebo Elektronik as a, E.U. resident business, according the EU regulation
REGULATION (EU) No 524/2013 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 21 May 2013 on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004 and Directive 2009/22/EC (Regulation on consumer ODR) “. See details below please

Use of this site
Subject to the terms and conditions, Sebo Elektronik grants you a limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable license to access and use this site, for the purpose of shopping for items being sold on this site.

Languages, language of contract and communication
The language of the terms and conditions, site, web shop, reply messages is English only.
Further E.U. official languages are welcome in incoming mail or messages, but the language of answers and all kind of communication will be in English only. If you decide to write us in any official E.U. languages other than English, we will try to translate it with online translator services into English. We are not responsible to the any misunderstanding or translation problem in this case.

Customer service
Customer request, communication will be via email only, or you can use the contact from at the "customer service" menu. We are going to answer inquiries in most cases within 24 hours. We are not responsible to any delays or missing mails caused by any technical problems or filters used by 3rd party service providers. We usually send same reply message from 2 different email address as a copy. The active email addresses can be found on contact information page here and at the end of this text. For awaited reply messages check out your spam folder also. If there is no answer in more than 24 hours, send us a copy into our any 2 nd e-mail address published on the end of this agreement or at the contact page here. You might be able to contact us via social media also. All official E.U. languages are accepted for incoming email, but the language of answers will be English. This is an one person business. Due to longer holiday period, business relocation, or any unexpected reason the answer may be delayed for longer time.

Services and accessibility
Sebo Elektronik reserves the right to limit or refuse service, and/or cancel any orders in its discretion. Furthermore Sebo Elektronik reserves the right to prohibit any share, linking in its discretion, without limitation, if Sebo Elektronik believes that customer or user violates any European Union applicable law or guides or violates any International applicable law or think is harmful to Sebo Elektronik interests.

Sebo Elektronik reserves the right to supply services for specified destinations or counties, in its discretion also, if the destination is located outside the European Union. Check out the list of territories and countries we ship to at checkout page.

Access to this site for children
There are mostly electronic spare parts and accessories here for professionals except digital downloadable media if any. You are warranted that you are either 18 years of age or are using this site with the supervision of a parent or guardian.

Access and checkout
There are no password login features here, instead a guess checkout is only available. Due to this, there is no account authorization. Each time if anyone is using this site or the checkout option, will be deemed to be authorized to access and is using this site according the terms and conditions of this agreement, and Sebo Elektronik has no obligation to investigate the source of any such access or use of these options. Password and user name, or any sensible data such card details are not required here. For payment you may be redirected into third party service providers or a link sent via email by payment processing service, where payment / card payment will be processed, after email validation. In case of bank transfer payment option is available, bank details will be shared after the email validation. Email validation will be also for specific payment processing services. You agree not to send any payment prior receiving payment instructions via email for your order.

The guest checkout option does not ask for sensible personal data. Only the invoicing address, e-mail and name need to be entered each time for the proper invoicing and order acknowledge. Such data will be handled and stored for the period required by local law for bookkeeping only. For details, and E.U. GDPR relations, read please the privacy policy. Payment processing service providers may offer you a card payment option as well. For some payment methods, you may be redirected and payment will be processed by third party payment processing service provider, or service provider will send you a link for card payment. Card details will not be shared with us and we do not get or store such data.

This shop is running in full functional evaluation - test mode now. Registration option is hidden here. Despite, due to the technical reasons, you might be asked in this shop for registration password, user name or any data other than necessary for the guest checkout and invoicing. In this case you agree not to enter such data, instead we are kindly ask to report any such phenomena via contact form to improve the quality. We will delete all such data as soon as possible. At checkout a total order amount and number of item limitations may apply without previous notice and the details of limitation may change without prior notice.

Order amount
In case of an excess amount of order, placed by same address or same customer in short time period, compared to the typical item prices at our shop, we may limit or deny the order without prior notice. The order amount limit is usually EUR75 / customer for 1 of processing order. Until the successful final delivery, the same customer may not be able to place further orders, or the placed order will not be processed and the amount will be refunded. In these cases the amount will be refunded. There may be automatic order amount limitations at basket or checkout also. Due to the insurance and package size policy of local post, we may split your order and post in multiple packages with individual tracking numbers, and may ship the rest of the packages individually in different time, depends on the tracking status of the first part of the shipped order. In these cases we will exceed the 2 business days shipping limit. We might wait, until the first package was successfully delivered. We may also limit or hold temporarily any repetitive orders until the first package had been delivered successfully without complications.
We may also apply these “excess order” shipping and handling methods, described in this section, not depends on the order amount, for destinations where the destination post is not happy to show up tracking status to the public. See also the “Tracking, tracking number” sections please for more details

Evaluation mode
- Using this site indicates your agreement to the following – Evaluation mode of web shop - This site is running under fully functional evaluation - test mode and being developed. Sebo Elektronik - site owner is not responsible of any kind of loss included data loss, delay, unsuccessful order process or any other inconvenience. Feel free to contact via message service to report any problem to increase shopping experience.
In very low probability some features of original Open Chart web shop, such forum, affiliate or password account login feature, despite the suppression, might appear occasionally, or you might be asked in this shop for registration password, user name or any data other than necessary for the guest checkout and invoicing. In this case feel free to contact via message service to report any problem to increase shopping experience. Any data, information submitted using with these unwanted features such customer account registration or forum, mailing will be permanently deleted without notice and any liability. See more at "access and checkout " section of this agreement also.

For better shopping experience, we have been adding extra features. Despite the test, new features may produce unusual results, like extra discounts or unlimited amount of shopping. We may limit or cancel orders and refund amount in case of any software glitch. Sebo Elektronik assumes no liability for any kind of loss caused by software errors. Feel free to contact via message service to report any problem to increase shopping experience.
This site or web shop or some features may be unavailable for period of time due to the scheduled maintenance.

There is no any liability on any kind of loss or misuse
You will be solely responsible for all use or access of this site, for acquiring technical details of products and all communications and data submissions, obligations including, without limitation, financial obligations, incurred through access or use of this site. Sebo Elektronik assumes no liability for any kind of loss. Sebo Elektronik assumes no liability for any misuse of copyright or any other rights of third parties by you. The technical details and photo and video demonstrations are only for demonstration purposes. Check out the manufacturers official datasheets for updated technical information

Pricing, VAT, invoice
Sebo Elektronik reserves the right to change, alter prices at any time without notice in the shop.
The seller is NON VAT registered, the displayed Total, Sub Total and any prices are Gross prices.
The displayed amount on invoices are Gross amounts also.
You will have an invoice inside the package. In rare cases, we will attach a PDF copy of the original invoice into an update email if the invoice is not in the package. We may place a separated printed picking list and a manually filled invoice as a result on the local regulations.

Payment, and payment method
For the payment, bank transfer, payment gateway, card payment processing services or money transfer service providers may be available. Immediately payment is required in case of card / payment gateway payment. We may cancel order if payment via card or payment gateway not received within 1 business days after order, or after you received the card payment link from service provider. For help or user guide, terms, check out the web page of third party service provider please. For card payment processing you will be redirected into third party service provider, or the service provider will send a link for payment. We do not store card data here.

Bank transfer from EU destination
Please use EUR transfer from EUR bank account, except local inland transfers. Note, the bank transfer may take couple of business days. According our experience usually 2 - 4 business days inside EU, but much longer is not unusual. We may cancel order if the bank transfer payment not received within 7 business days and you unable to send any confirmation upon our request, about successful transfer. We may offer any combination or choice of payment methods.

Local bank transfer: local bank transfer accepted in local currency according the residence of this shop.

The available payment service / services can be seen at checkout.
If you decide to send us any amount outside the available payment processes at checkout, the order may not be completed.

Money back, refund, money return method:
In case of refund or money back necessary, any amount is going to be refunded in same way as received.
We might select a payment gateway also, if the refund technically is not possible anyway. You will be informed about the selected service provider for alternative money back, and you may need an active account there for receiving refund, if the primary refund method is not possible. We will inform you about it prior and after the successful order as well. Please place order only if you able to receive money back via the offered payment processing service, in case of the primary payment method is not accessible. We do not have to accept any other payment gateways. You can cancel the order any time, if the offered alternative refund method is not suitable. If we have to use other refund method at last, instead of the offered and / or available methods, fees might be deducted and / or might be paid by sender. We apologize about it.

Order is shipped after receiving cleared “total checkoutamount. If you choose payment gateway, the order will be shipped into your verified / registered address only.

Details for card payment or Bank transfer
For successful order processing, you should fill in all required field at checkout first. After you accepted the terms and conditions, and placed an order, we will check out the validity of address and post code you provided, using open services like online map or similar, and we may contact you for further address details if necessary before sending bank details or card payment processing links. For shipping, PO box. address is not accepted. We need to know, if your provided email address is active and working well. For that, we usually ask you to reply with the order confirmation mail before start of order processing.

Choosing and using service providers by Sebo Elektronik – fair practices and trade, competition, Consumer`s freedom of choice
For better customer experience Sebo Elektronik may use and may offer services through more than one similar 3rd party service providers, (example: payment gateways) in any combination in competition. According the European Union consumer marketing law for fair practices all service provider should tolerate the fair competition, - included and highlighted the consumer’s freedom of choice , therefore we have a right to offer these services in any combination.

If our customer experiences any anomalies related to “unfair practices” or “ consumer’s freedom of choice” then there is a possibility to contact the service providers according their terms and conditions or can contact the related European Union bodies . See more:here


Shipping, shipping address
Item will be shipped to the address you provided at checkout, in case of card payment or bank transfer, money transfer, or into your payment gateway registered address.
Please make sure your provided address is correct. The checkout may allow you to enter different shipping address and billing address. If you choose payment gateway for payment (if any available) and decide to enter shipping address separately at checkout, the entered shipping address must be your verified payment gateway address. If the entered shipping address is not identical to your verified address at payment gateway, the entered address will be considered as an invalid data. In this case the shipping address will be your verified address at selected payment gateway as you registered. If you chose any payment gateways available here, and the service indicates your address is not registered / verified, then we may ask you to verify the address via email, before shipping. If we unable to contact you within a reasonable period of time for an address verification, the order may be canceled and the amount will be refunded.
If you choose payment gateway for payment, the country in your verified address must be in the list where we ship to. The list of available countries can be seen at checkout page / roll down menu / We may check the address validity, using open online map or other tools. If we think the address is not valid or is not exist, we may ask for a correct address or we may cancel the order.

There is no possibility for local pickup.

Checking out the shipping destinations we ship to
All destinations we ship to, can be found in the roll up menu of countries at the checkout. It can be checked without completing the checkout. Simply look for your country in the roll up menu at checkout page. Unfortunately we do not ship into some destination, region due to recommendations or restrictions issued by European Union or relevant government authorities or any other reasons. We may in our sole discretion decide to restrict any services and / or cancel order for any destinations outside European Union at any time without prior notice if we are required or think to do so by recommendations of relevant government or organizations or authorities or by law. We may in our sole discretion decide to restrict services into any destination, included inside E.U. , if we think, destination post services quality, examples: formerly experienced lack of tracking information, lack of tracking updates, excess delays or unpredictable delivery experience. Despite this, we might offer service in our sole discretion into locations we normally do not ship, using mutually agreed, alternative, tracked shipping method.

It is mandatory to choose the destination country during the checkout
If the country of your shipping address can not be found in the roll up menu at checkout, then unfortunately we actually may not ship to that country. If you are placing order anyway into destination we does not ship, the order may be canceled and the payment will be refunded in case of canceled order. See “Money back, refund, money return method

P.O. Box and APO/FPO addresses
We accept only street address for shipping address, and does not ship into P.O. Box and APO/FPO addresses.
If the provided address is not a valid street address, then the order will be canceled / denied and the full payment will be refunded.

There is no possibility to alter the shipping address after the completed checkout.
If you need to alter the shipping address after the competed checkout process, we may cancel the order and refund the full amount. You should set your proper address at checkout or payment gateway account and complete the order again.

Tracking, tracking number
We normally ship items with tracking number, as a priority recorded international mail probably in bubble envelope, or small packet Tracking number will be shared via confirmation mail and / or via payment gateway tracking option if any available. We may share additional tracking updates with numerous links for online international and local tracking services, and screen shot images, depends on the tracking status. We keep tracking all item through the delivery process and will inform you if there is any unusual. There may be built in online tracking service available time by time here. This service, if available here, provided by third party tracking service providers and you may be redirected into the page of service provider. The service providers Terms as Conditions apply.
Missing or incomplete tracking updates at destination carrier services, “tracking supression
Despite we normally using signed, internationally trackable mails with Universal Postal Union compatible international standard tracking numbers, very few of destinations are not happy to show up the actual tracking status.
Placing order indicates you agree the following: if the destination postal service is not happy to show up all details of the processed packages or partially / completely suppresses tracking information, then you are responsible to contact the customer service of your local post and acquire tracking status, written, (email, etc.) of your order in case of severe delays, usually more than 21-25 business days from the postage date. You agree, we will accept missing / non delivered status only if you have a written (email , etc.) “lost, missing” confirmation from your local post in cases where your local post suppress or hide tracking information.
We are going to do our best to help you in these cases, sharing collected information from international tracking services and our local post if available.

Example: some posts unfortunately announced a “Tracking Suppression of Import Registered Mail”.
Despite you pay for the internationally trackable registered airmail from here, the destination post service does not offer visibility for these tracking numbers.

Further updates, details and web links may be be available FAQ page here.
Only the internationally trackable priority airmail is affordable and available here for small items.
Visiting and using attilaseboshop indicates you agree the following: Until destinations does not offer full visibility of these tracking numbers again, we may limit or restrict temporarily, any time, orders at checkout, and / or the number or amount of individual orders from this shop, due this tracking number suppression. Any further restrictions may apply and any details may change without prior notice at any time. The typical order amount limitation in these cases may be around of the price of 3 x item price of an average items in this shop. For further details see the “Order amount” section please. More destinations some times also affected as we experienced unpredictable tracking visibility for our signed international recorded mails. The updated list of these destinations may be seen at our FAQ page.
We might offer service in our sole discretion into locations we normally do not ship, using mutually agreed, alternative, tracked shipping method.

Shipping with insurance option
Specific items with shipping insurance option: There may be some products are shipped with insurance option only. We usually use the shipping services of local Post. These specific items are shipped for the limited destinations only, where the local Post offers proper insurance options. These products are marked at item description with specific destination list. Check the item description before placing order please. Sebo Elektronik will follow export restriction guides or any further guides issued by European Union for 3rd countries, organizations or territories outside of European Union also.

Delivery time, time limit
The order is shipped usually within 2 business days after receiving cleared payment Average delivery time is 5-8 business day inside European Union. (E.U.) We experienced unpredictable delivery times into some EU destinations.
Outside the EU the shipping time may vary, at least 15-21 working days,
much more is not unusual.
We usually give additional information that will help in tracking the item through the delivery process or you can use built in tracking possibility if available here, and keep tracking all items through the delivery process. We will inform you if there is any unusual.

Delayed delivery:
We have been sending internationally parcels for years. Fortunately all items were arrived so far. In case of seriously delayed item, after 21 business days (inside the E.U destinations) or 40 business days (outside the E.U. destinations) of shipping date, you may ask for assistance. We will check the tracking status. In some cases we will ask the local or destination post for more information before resend the item. This may take time, depends on the customer services of posts. We will resend the item in most cases, for free, if think the item is missing or destination post unable to give accurate information. We offer refund only if we do not have more item in stock. In this case the refund is given for the item price only, if the destination is located outside the E.U. The “delivered” or equivalent status at tracking service of destination carrier service provider considered as a successful delivery. The way of refund: see “Money back, refund, money return method:

Outside of EU destinations
The buyer responsible for all customs taxes, charges, fees if apply The amount of order will be on the custom form. You might be charged an additional duty fee based on your country's rates outside EU.

Unclaimed items
Please make steps and effort to receive the item. Destination posts usually offer many possibilities to receive items alternatively, example delivery rearrange, weekend delivery, “keep-safe”, receive at delivery center, etc. We usually inform you also about unsuccessful delivery attempts. If the tracking shows the item was unclaimed, or delivery was unsuccessful despite the notices of destination post, then refund will be given only for the price of the item. The E.U. return policy may allow us to delay the refund until the item received back. It may take long time according experience, not depends on the destination country. The item price refund will be issued after the item received back. See more: “Money back, refund, money return method:

Assistance and resolution in delivery cases
We always track all items daily and usually inform you if there is any important update. We also share the scan of post receipt and copy of tracking status. If there is no update in tracking status for longer time, first contact us, we have numerous tools to check the status of item. It is recommended to contact your local post customer service also with the copy of post receipt, and ask them, they may have more information. In some cases, the destination customs holds the item for weeks without any tracking update. Sometimes we also contact the destination carrier service. If you think or the destination post tells they do not have update about the item, after the time limits (time limits can be seen above) we resend the item for you for free of charge. Refund will be given only if we do not have the same item in stock, for outside E.U. destination we may refund only the item price.
We are always happy to help. There are numerous e-mail addresses and communities, social media sites where we have pages also. Please keep the steps described in this terms and conditions please for complain. In case of unresolved dispute, you have a right to use the services of arbitrate bodies according the E.U. regulations. Details can be seen below. Check out also the “Delivery time, time limit” and “Delayed delivery:” sections above please.

Business invoice will be issued. For more information check out the “Pricing, VAT, invoice” section above

14 Days European Union Standard Return Policy
Right to cancel: The Consumer Contracts, Information, Cancellation and additional Charges regulation 2013 - European Union
Customers have right to cancel the order according section 29-(1)
"" The consumer may cancel a distance or off-premises contract at any time in the cancellation period without giving any reason, and without incurring any liability..... ""
The normal cancellation period 14 days - section 30-(3) , 30-(6) The cancellation period starts from the successful delivery of the item, and customer has 14 days time frame to sent the item back.
The full guide can be downloaded here

Item must be returned in its original condition and amount for a full refund. Refund includes the original postage also, if the destination was inside the European Union. Customer is responsible for shipping charges on any returned items. Use a recorded, trackable delivery for return please as refund is not given on item lost in return process. According the EU standard return policy we may delay the refund until the item received back. The way of refund: see “Money back, refund, money return method

Return and refund policy, read this carefully please
This shop is using the European Union return / refund recommendations and regulationsUsing this service you agree to fully accept our return - refund policy, can be read in this terms and conditions. According the E.U. regulations, in case of a return, you must contact us first, via contact form or email address can be seen here, and initiate the return written within 14 days of receiving the item. Note - we will accept only the incoming email from your valid email address you provided during the checkout, in most cases, or your payment gateway registered email address or alternatively your public email address where your name or company name can be identified. Write us please the order number, and the correct address you entered during the checkout. If your primary email address is unavailable or can not be used, then further incoming email address may be accepted only if you provide the order number, the item name or part number if apply - and the correct address you entered during the checkout, or reply with the order confirmation mail as received after placing order.
Without contacting us prior the return, the returned item may not be accepted or the returned item may be returned back to your address by the local post office without notice and without refund. You entitled for a refund only if you keep the return process described in this terms and conditions, and the item finally returned in original condition and amount as a trackable recorded mail or packet. See the “Initiate the return, return process “ and “Assistance and resolution in delivery cases” section as well.

We might offer payment ways where chargeback is available for customers. Do not do chargeback or do not use any early money back option, bypassing this terms and conditions and without contacting us. Chargeback is far not necessary for any return or refund, as we offer and you accept at checkout a standard 14 days EU return / refund policy, described here: Initiate the return, return process” , “Return and refund policy” , 14 Days European Union Standard Return Policyand “Online dispute resolution for consumer disputes, arbitrate, ADR” section here.

In case of any chargeback or any forced money back made by customer bypassing this terms, we may in our sole discretion decide to recognize it as a fraudlent action and start investigation. Investigation may result of further action such temporarily disclosing, report it into your bank or if we think it necessary or if required by law, to further authorities.

Depends on the nature of some product, in some cases you do not have to return the product, we may offer a refund, only if you keep the return – refund policy described here.

Initiate the return, return process
1. Contact us first, via return form, filling in the required fields, or via our official email address can be found on main page please. You have a 14 days time frame to send back the item from the successful delivery.
The request must be written. We may not accept or refund item without prior written request. The return address is the address of Sebo Elektronik. The correct address can be found on package, on invoice or here at main page – contact details.
2. Use a recorded internationally trackable delivery method for return please as refund is not given on item lost in return process. The return may take longer time, depends on post services. As you use trackable post service, you can check out the status of the returned item.
3. Share with us the tracking number of returned item and keep safe the proof of postage, postal receipt, etc.
4. The full refund will be issued for the unused, undamaged item only, after maximum 6 days of successful item return (Delivery confirmation at our local post tracking service). The refund will be done only via same payment method.

There is warranty for some articles. Check out for more details on item description please.
Due to the nature of the products in this shop, only refund is available in most cases. If there is a warranty was offered, the item must be returned for refund in most cases. Refund includes price and original postage for all destinations. Use a recorded, trackable delivery for return as refund is not given on item lost in return process. Contact us before return via return form on main page please, the request must be written.

The site is based on Open Chart GNU licence application and was modified specially for Sebo Elektronik. All photographs or images, media content, product images, program codes and descriptions, menus, were added during the development and product upload, and is not originally the part of the package of GNU Open Chart, or third party commercial extension modules, belongs to Sebo Elektronik or Attila Sebo and protected. Reuse, reproduce, copy, modify, sell, license, any such content without written permission is not allowed. Any right of logos, trademark, trade names or commercial extension modules belong to their owners or developers.
You may view and use the content only for your personal information and for shopping and placing orders on the site. Use of data mining, or any data gathering tools on this site is prohibited.

Copyright of product photos, product descriptions and demonstration video
Product photos, product descriptions and demonstration video are all protected under copyright laws. All rights are reserved by Sebo Elektronik or Attila Sebo, “attilasebo”. You may not use any content in any manner that discredits Sebo Elektronik or cause violation of any applicable E.U or International laws, guides or regulations or copyright.

Share or link
You may share this site in forums, communities or social media, and may link this site for non commercial purpose in any personal web sites as far you credit this site. The credit must be the following: “ source: attilaseboshop - seboelektronik.com “

Any reproduction, copy, lease, alteration, reverse engineering, is not allowed and you may not use for commercial purpose any of the information provided on this site without written permission by Sebo Elektronik or Attila Sebo.

Online dispute resolution for consumer disputes, arbitrate, ADR

In cases, where the service provider declines to fulfill the legal requirements to resolve the issues or claims the customer have a right to use services of the arbitrate bodies according the following E.U. Regulation : “ REGULATION (EU) No 524/2013 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 21 May 2013 on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004 and Directive 2009/22/EC (Regulation on consumer ODR) “ - to contribute to the proper functioning of the internal market, customer have a right to independent, transparent, effective, fast and fair out-of-court resolution of disputes between consumers and traders online.
Summary of the ADR regulation


The full text of ADR regulation can be seen here


ADR bodies in the EU member country of the business / Sebo Elektronik /

note: The language of ADR process will be the language of the official language of the E.U. member state where the service provider business resides

Our contact information
alternative address

Site owner
This site is owned by Sebo Elektronik
Registered trade name is Sebo Elektronik, / translated Sebo Electronic / under Reg. Trade no . 38027880
with registered address H-2100 , Godollo, Semmelweis u. 2 – Hungary  European Union.
Tax. No, 66715502-1-33
Data protection authority reg. No. 00003-0012
Web trading registration number 38027880
The web service is provided through / by Attila Sebo as individual.
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