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Frequently Asked Questions

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Checkout questions

Can I use my mobile phone at checkout here?

The checkout is now mobile friendly and can be used on most of mobile phones

Do I have to register ?

Registration is not required, the one page easy, secure checkout can be completed very fast

Are the checkout and shop safe ?

The shop, all pages and checkout uses latest SSL secure connection.
Browsing, shopping and checkout are safe.

Shipping questions

Will you provide tracking number ?

             All products shipped with international tracking number. We usually share tracking updates also.

I can not find Australia, Canada or/ and United States destinations at checkout:

Sebo Elektronik - attilaseboshop actually ships items for outside of European Union locations only where the destination post is happy to show up " delivered" tracking confirmation for international registered mail.

Very few destination posts, outside of European Union, have decided not to share to the public their online (existing ) delivery confirmation of import registered, worldwide trackable mails, posted from some of E.U. countries.

Example: "Tracking Suppression of Import Registered Mail" of USPS :

Update: From May, 2017 the part of USPS “supressed” tracking information occasionally can be seen at our local post online tracking, usually “arrived at destination county” confirmation. More info should be acquired from USPS (or Australia) customer service. 

Despite the supressed tracking status of Canada destinations, these information usually appears at international tracking service(s).

We may add
or remove USA and / or Canada / Australia destinations to the checkout country list, time by time, depends on the visibility of tracking at international tracking services or at our local post. We updated our terms and conditions for this situation, read please the “Tracking, tracking numbersection for details before placing order.

From 2018 we experienced lack of tracking updates at United Kingdom post services tracking services also, affected the shipments from the origin where this web shop located, therefore the information above may be applied time by time as well.

Payment questions

What payment methods are available ?

For payment, you can use payment gateway(s) .  Payment gateways optionally offers Credit / debit card payment without registration. Further payment options may be available soon. All available payment methods can be seen at checkout.

Can I pay with credit or debit card ?

If you choose the available payment method during checkout, then you may use “Pay with my credit or debit card” or “Guest Checkout” option if it is offered by the payment gateway. Further card payment options may be available also.

My card provider denies the payment , but card balance is ok, and all card details were provided correctly

If you choose payment gateway as payment option, in some cases, if your currency is different to the shop default currency, the payment will not be completed. Change please the currency into the shop default currency, and try it again.

Refund, returns

Can I return the item I purchased?

We are offer a standard European Union return policy.
Most items can be returned within 14 days from the “delivered” confirmation.
See details at our terms and conditions please

Can I have refund without returning the item ?

In some cases, depends on the nature if the item, it is possible to simplify get refund.
In all cases you must contact us first. See more in Terms and conditions or Delivery information

Browser compatibility

What internet browsers can I use for attilaseboshop?
The latest versions of following browsers are compatible and tested:
Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome 

Updated: April 2018 


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