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Extract from terms and conditions. For full text see the Terms & Conditions - privacy policy – Delivery information

The Privacy policy can be found here also at main page. Read The text of Privacy policy please carefully included the section about cookies.

This Privacy Notice applies to this website.

There may be changes in this policy without notification. It is recommended to check out this text from time to time.

Cookies are tiny pieces of information that are stored by your Internet browser as text files on hard drive of your computer.
This site is based on the Open Chart GNU licence open source technology. The details of the technology included usage of cookies, and source code is available at http://www.opencart.com
Check out the Open Chart documentation also please for more information of cookies used by this technology. We are not using any cookies other than is built in the original source of this shop, if there is any. Using this site you agree to block cookies manually in your browser, if you decide not to accept any cookies. Blocking cookies may not affect the proper use of this shop.

Third parties cookies and any other third parties elements
Third-party cookies are cookies that are set by a website other than this store. There may be links to other services outside this site. For example, this site may have media content or Google+, Facebook like button. Sebo Elektronik may use content or ads from third-party advertising companies that may use web beacons and cookies to check web page activities

Using these sites, these elements may set a cookie. That would be considered a third-party cookie.
Some advertisers may use these cookies to track your visits to the various sites.
If you are concerned about this, you may be able to disable third-party cookies and other similar elements in your browser. For details, check out the user guide of the specific browser or seek assistance of qualified expert. Note: Disabling third-party cookies in any browser may not stop all types of tracking by advertisers.
Sebo Elektronik is not responsible to any cookies and any related elements, and any kind of effect caused by those elements, set up by third parties.
We are also not responsible to any data collection, data handling methods, policies or cookies made by such third parties sites. Any information collected by  third parties via web beacons, scripts, and cookies is not linked to any personal information that we collect.
Using this site you agree to block cookies or any unwanted elements manually in your browser, if you decide not to accept any cookies included third parties cookies or any other kind of elements. Blocking cookies and other elements may not affect the proper use of this shop.

Third-party service providers
We use services of third-party service providers to perform functions on our behalf. Information disclosed to them is to help in their service. For example, to ship your order, we are using services of Local Post or EMS. We provide your shipping address, name, and may be the phone number if you entered it at checkout, in order to guarantee delivery of your orders. Payment processing services require your address, order and billing details you entered at checkout to process the payment. We do not handle sensible data such card details. For complete the payment process you will be redirected into third party service provider.
Collecting information

We collect information for invoicing and shipping products. There is a guest checkout option is available. The guest checkout does not ask for sensible personal data such card or bank details.

The guest checkout asks for invoicing address, e-mail and name need to be entered each time for the proper invoicing and order acknowledge. Such data will be stored for the period required by local law for bookkeeping only.

Password and user name, or any sensible data such card details are not required here. For payment you may be redirected into payment gateway services or in case of card payment into third party card processing service provider. Card details will not be shared with us and we does not get access or store such data. The privacy policy and terms of use of third party service provider is apply.
The site is based on Open Chart GNU licence open source technology and modified for Sebo Elektronik. The technology of this web shop may collect information for product comparison, to create content that is relevant to you, for search of product details or for the goal of providing an efficient and customized shopping experience. The inserted extensions may collect information or place cookies or web beacons without the knowledge of Sebo Elektronik. See the cookies section or third parties providers section of this privacy policy.

Log files, web page and activity tracking
We may see IP addresses, URL from which you access this site and date/time stamp, and type of browser, online activity, page visits, geographic location of visitors. We may use third parties applications for tracking any activities inside this site for system administration and statistics, education purposes only, and does not store such data, except legally required.

Share of information
We does not share any information entered or collected in this site for third parties except for authorities required by law.

Access and checkout
There are no password login features here, instead a guess checkout is only available. Due to this, there is no account authorization. Each time if anyone is using this site or  the checkout option, will be deemed to be authorized to access and is using this site according the terms and conditions of this agreement, and Sebo Elektronik has no obligation to investigate the source of any such access or use of these options.

The guest checkout asks for invoicing address, e-mail and name need to be entered each time for the proper invoicing and order process. Such data will be stored for the period required by local law for bookkeeping only. Password and user name, or any sensible data such card details are not collected here. All payments are processed by third party service providers.

Phone Number
To enter phone number is not mandatory. If the field is marked as required, if you are not going to enter your phone number, fill in this field with 0000 please. If you enter the phone number, you may get free SMS if the contact via email is not accessible

Sebo Elektronik will use your invoicing information and email address you provided during checkout to communicate with you about your orders. Customers have to provide an email address to allow communication regarding orders is placed. We will send you a confirmation email after an order is placed. We may send you service-related announcements. Because we have to communicate with you about orders, the entered email address must be valid. If the entered mail is not valid, then we will try to sent order confirmation and necessary mails into your payment gateway verified email address if the payment was made via such service provider. If the communications technically is not possible, the email addresses are invalid, then we may cancel the order or the order processing will be delayed. Accepting this terms and conditions - privacy policy and successfully placing order indicates you agree to accept e-mail newsletters and updates from us later. Newsletter and update email service can be canceled at any time later.

Access to this site for children
There are mostly electronic spare parts and accessories here for professionals except digital downloadable media if any. You are warranted that you are either 18 years of age or are using this site with the supervision of a parent or guardian.

Information that is collected from offline, such phone calls.
There is no customer service via phone for this shop. The shared phone number is for "emergency" situations only. We will ask only for the information entered during checkout. Due to the local law for customer services, the phone call may be recorded and stored for a period required by law.

Alter or modify entered information
We are collecting information required for order processing and bookkeeping. Due to the local law we have to keep billing and address details and payment details for a specific time. There is no possibility to permanently delete such data. But you can ask to correct entered billing details only, before the item is packed for shipping.

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Site owner
This site is owned by Sebo Elektronik
Registered trade name is Sebo Elektronik, / translated Sebo Electronic / under Reg. Trade no . 38027880
with registered address H-2100 , Godollo, Semmelweis u. 2 – Hungary  European Union. Tax. No, 66715502-1-33
Data protection authority reg. No. 00003-0012
Web trading registration number 38027880
The web service is provided through / by Attila Sebo as individual.
H-2100 Godollo, Semmelweis u. 2 - Details may be available upon request if required by local regulations.