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Privacy Policy - attilaseboshop - https://www.attilasebo.net/attilaseboshop/ updated: January 2020

Read the text of Privacy policy please carefully included the section about cookies.
Using this site indicates your agreement to this terms and conditions and the Privacy Policy. To complete the checkout process you need to accept this terms and conditions and privacy policy

This Privacy Notice applies to this website.

There may be changes in this policy without notification. It is recommended to check out this text from time to time.

Cookies are tiny pieces of information that are stored by your Internet browser as text files on hard drive of your computer.
This site is based on the Open Chart GNU license open source technology. Details of the technology included usage of cookies, and open source code is available at http://www.opencart.com. This site currently uses cookies only for the basic, essential functions as following:
Cookie “currency” : temporarily stores the currency. “PHPSESSID” : temporarily stores individual session identification number necessary for the proper function of this shop. “LANGUAGE” : temporarily stores the language. Currently “English”. “Cookieconsent” temporarily stores the status of cookie consent bar. All of them temporary and does not store personal information. These cookies essential for proper function, without them this shop unable to work properly. Disabling these cookies may cause various malfunctions. In case of user disables these cookies, user understands we are not responsible of any data loss, malfunctions, improper functions or any kind of loss.
Check out the Open Chart documentation also please for more information of cookies used by this technology. However, additional third party installed modules or extensions (examples: compulsory cookie consent popup may use itself temporary technical cookies for the proper functionality, or checkout module etc. may use their own temporary technical cookies also for the full functionality. We are not responsible for any malfunction, error, any kind of loss caused by the improper functions of any software here, if user decides to block these temporary technical cookies, necessary for basic functionality of these applications.

Third party cookies and any other third party elements
Third-party cookies are cookies that are set by a website other than this store. Some service provider sites may use these cookies to track your visits to the various sites. Currently we do not use any mail list, do not use advertising applications or any similar third party modules.
There may be links to other services outside this site. In this case you will be redirected in new browser window into third party service provider. Sebo Elektronik carefully selects what service provider can be accessed from this site. Despite, we do not have control on privacy policy of third party pages . Please read privacy policy of that service provider. . We are not responsible to any cookies and any related elements, tracking elements, web beacons, etc. outside of attilaseboshop - seboelektronik shop, or any kind of effect caused by any elements set up by third party service providers outside of this shop. We are also not responsible to any data collection, data handling methods, policies or cookies made by such third party sites outside this shop.

Third-party service providers
We may use services of third-party service providers to perform functions on our behalf. Information disclosed to them is to help in their service. For example, to ship your order, we are using services of Local Post or EMS or any carrier services. We must provide your shipping address, name, and may be the phone number if you entered it also, in order to guarantee delivery of your orders. Payment processing services require your address, order and billing details you entered at checkout to process the payment and some times phone number and email address(es). See below, how do we handle an how long these data are being stored by us. We do not handle highly sensible data such card details or bank account numbers currently. For complete the payment process you will be redirected into third party service provider(s).

Collecting, handle and store information
We collect information for invoicing, bookkeeping and shipping products and for great customer service experience only and for statistics.
Only guest checkout is available, registration is not required. The guest checkout does not ask for highly sensible data such card or bank details, and you agree, will not share with us such sensible personal data as it is not required. If you share any further / not required data other than shipping / invoicing name, shipping / invoicing address, email address(es) or phone number(s) at checkout or any other way, example in order instruction message or emailing, such data will be deleted as soon as possible.

The checkout here may be stores the entered data just temporarily and only locally to improve the shopping experience for multiple item ordering. The temporarily checkout data will not be shared, or finalized. The checkout generates also general depersonalized visitor statistics, as spent time and number of clicks, in case of unfinished checkout process. These depersonalized data will not be stored and for statistics purposes only.
To complete checkout, you need to agree this privacy policy and terms (all in one text) at checkout screen. After the successful order the following information is visible and is being stored by us: Shipping / invoicing address and shipping / invoicing name, email address(es) as you entered, phone number as you entered at checkout and IP address. If you use payment gateway, we can see and will store “confirmed” shipping address and name, email address(es), phone number as you entered for payment gateway for proper invoicing and shipping, as we always shipping into your “confirmed” payment gateway address. Such data will be stored for the following purposes: Shipping product, service related communication, tracking updates, instructions for successful delivery or customer service messages, bookkeeping, invoicing and further if required by the local law.
How long such data is being stored: we store only data can be seen above, and necessary for identifying and processing order, posting, included post receipts, bookkeeping, our tax return and invoicing. If wire transfer option is available at checkout, we may see your bank account number at bank statements as your bank shared with our bank. You agree the following: such data will be stored until the local law requires for administration, tax revision, requires by “money laundering acts” and bookkeeping. You agree, data stored for payment, successful order processing, posting, invoicing and bookkeeping can not be deleted or altered by local law, within 5 years, in some cases 8 years. Such information stored in secure way, the electronically available information is encrypted and stored outside the web shop. The end of data handling will be when the law allows us to delete these data.

We will delete order record from web store after the successful shipping, if tracking information not required, or after the successful delivery, if post tracking information required, or in case of cancellation, after the successful cancellation.

Third party service provider order data and payment handling:
Password, sensible data such card details are not required here. For payment you may be redirected into payment gateway services or in case of card payment into third party card processing service provider. Card details or any information asked by third party provider, will not be shared with us and we does not get access or store such data. The privacy policy and terms of use of third party service provider is apply for you.
Statistics data: we may use search engine analytics only for statistic purposes. The technology may require us to place their small identification script into our site. The analytics data we can see is depersonalized, and we can see only general statistics such weekly visitor count, regions, browser and operating system diversity statistics, impressions and click count (daily, weekly, etc). We do not collect, record or store these statistics and exists only at search engine provider. We unable to see any personal data individually, but we can set up a time frame how long they keep it by search engine provider.
Log files, web page and activity tracking
We may see IP addresses, URL from which visitors access this site and date/time stamp, and browser diversity, page visits, geographic statistics, all such statistic are depersonalized.. We may use third party applications for tracking activities for statistics, education purposes only, depersonalized, and does not store such data, except if legally required. If legally required , we must share such data with authorities by law.

Information generated for product and order process quality purposes
Successfully placing order indicates you agree the following: for the excellent customer and shopping experience and improving product quality we may document product assembling, product quality check process related to your order and order packing process with photo or video. In case of opened quality, warranty or shipping disputes, we may use these photo or video if any exist, to prove the quality of product, quality check or our packing process. If you decide to open cases at payment processing services, or initiate chargeback, the payment processing service will ask us for documents, such invoice, post receipt, post invoice. Accepting this privacy policy and placing order, you agree we may share related invoice, post receipt, post invoice, product packing documents, quality check documentation (may include photo and packing process video documentation) to prove the quality of our product and packing / shipping process quality. You agree also, such quality check documentation (may include photo and quality check process and packing process video documentation) is being stored up until the time period is available for you at payment processing services to open a claim or disputes or up until the warranty period ends (if any is offered at item page) for any related product. Documents are stored, protected securely in electronic format. After the period mentioned above such quality documentation (may include photo and / or packing process video) will be deleted or the depersonalized part of such documentation might be kept for improving the quality of our product processing and statistical purposes only.

Customer have a rights to ask for the information about handled data, and ask for the stored data in electronic format (PDF, doc )
Right to correct , limit or delete data. In case of request for correct or delete data, you can contact us with the request via email addresses can be seen below. See more at “ How long such data is being stored: ” section for further details of what data can be corrected or deleted.
Have also a right to prohibit data handling method, if formerly not accepted it.

We are going to respond for requests within 2 business days. Note, this small business (1 person) may be unable to respond due to the unpredicted reasons. You agree to accept reasonable delays caused by any unpredicted technical or any other reasons. The owner (1 person) may not be able to respond due to longer holiday period, health issues, business relocation or any unpredicted reasons. Please sent us messages into more than one our email address. You agree the following: we may not be able to access web shop administration or other features due to third party service provider`s technical problems. We are not responsible on any delays caused by third party provider.

Share of information
We does not share any information entered or collected in this site for third party except the following:
We may share with you scan of post receipt and post invoice and tracking screen shots as tracking updates.
For successful order processing and shipping, the shipping / invoicing address as you entered ( here or third party payment gateway), and in some cases additionally phone number and email address must be shared with post / carrier service providers, according their terms for successful posting. In some cases, we may authorize 3rd person, employee or helping member, according all related rules and data protection regulation to help in process the packing and posting process. For successful shipping, we may need to check out the address validity with online map services. You agree the following: we may check address validity using online map services. We do not store result.

In case of undelivered / missing / damaged posted item, for handling your request we must share shipping / invoicing data as you entered, and tracking data with carrier / post services or with their contractual shipping processing services for the successful resolution. We also may need to share additionally item photo and packing process photo or video (if any exist), invoicing and shipping data in case of opened resolution case by you, at payment processing services, or / and via email address also with you and / or payment processing service provider, to prove the quality of our product, service and shipping process.

We also may have to share stored data with authorities, in electronic or printed format, example tax office, required by law upon their request. Where this shop is located currently, furthermore the local law may force us to share all invoicing data online or offline in electronic format with local authorities, using 3rd party applications and internet connection, or any other format forced also by law or by authorities.
In these cases, you agree, we are unable to be responsible on quality or reliability of such forced 3rd party applications data handling, and also does not have any control on the data handling process and purposes of any authorities in such cases.

We may have to share product and packing quality documentation to prove our product quality check and packing process quality, with payment processing service if you decide to open disputes or initialize chargeback. For details see “ Information generated for product and order process quality purposes ” section above.
You can file complain about data handling also at following local authority:
https://naih.hu/ , ugyfelszolgalat@naih.hu , the process of complain can be read here : https://naih.hu/panaszuegyintezes-rendje.html

Access and checkout in details
There are no password login features and registration here, instead a guess checkout is only available. Due to this, there is no account authorization. Each time if anyone is using this site or the checkout option, will be deemed to be authorized to access and is using this site according the terms and conditions and privacy policy of this site, and Sebo Elektronik or Attila Sebo has no obligation to investigate the source of any such access or use of these options.

The guest checkout asks for invoicing / shipping address, e-mail and shipping / invoicing name, phone number (not compulsory) and contact email address need to be entered each time for the proper invoicing and order / shipping process and for customer service. Such data will be stored for the period of time described in “ Collecting, handle and store information ” section above.
Password and user name, or any sensible data such card details are not collected here. All payments are processed by third party service providers, except, if wire transfer option is also available, we share our business bank account details for successful transfer.

Phone Number
To enter phone number is not mandatory. If the field is marked as required, and if you are not going to enter your phone number, fill in this field with 0000 please. Phone number will be used only in “emergency” situations, example if the contact via email(s) not accessible.

Sebo Elektronik will use your invoicing / shipping information and email address you provided during checkout to communicate with you about your orders. Customers have to provide an email address to allow communication regarding orders is placed. We will send you a confirmation email after an order is placed. We may send you service-related announcements, tracking updates. Because we have to communicate with you about orders, the entered email address must be valid. We may send order confirmation and necessary mails into your payment gateway verified email address also, if the payment was made via such service provider. If the communications technically is not possible, the email address(es) are invalid, then we may cancel the order or the order processing will be delayed.

Information that is collected from offline, such phone calls.
There is no customer service via phone for this shop. If you share phone number, or it is visible at payment gateway, the phone number is for "emergency" situations only. Due to the local law for customer services, the phone call may be recorded and stored for a period required by local law.

Alter or modify entered information
How we store and delete collected data, you can read details at “ Collecting, handle and store information ” section above.
Additionally, if there is a separated shipping and billing address / name exist at checkout, you can ask to correct entered billing details, only before the item is shipped. After item shipped, we need to keep and store invoices. Details can be read at “ Collecting, handle and store information ” section above.

Access to this site for children
There are mostly electronic spare parts and accessories here for professionals except digital downloadable media if any. You are warranted that you are either 18 years of age or are using this site with the supervision of a parent or guardian.

Our contact information
alternative address

Site owner
This site is owned by Sebo Elektronik
Registered trade name is Sebo Elektronik, / translated Sebo Electronic / under Reg. Trade no . 38027880
with registered address H-2100 , Godollo, Semmelweis u. 2 – Hungary  European Union.
Tax. No, 66715502-1-33
Data protection authority reg. No. 00003-0012
Web trading registration number 38027880
The web service is provided through / by Attila Sebo as individual.
H-2100 Godollo, Semmelweis u. 2 - Details may be available upon request if required by local regulations.