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Attilaseboshop conductive rubber products, keypad repair kits, conductive rubber pads in various diameter and parameters are designed for  MIDI keyboards and controllers. There are  conductive rubber pads for remote controllers and flexible keypads as well.

We manufacture conductive pads  in KIT for game controller fix also.

Our new product is a paper thin conductive rubber pad for various purposes. Damaged conductive surface of flexible keypads can be repaired with paper thin replacement conductive pads. It is not necessary to cut off the original pad. This new product is available as soon as possible.

You can watch also demonstration video, how to fix - repair keyboard using our keypad fix KIT , with ASEBOKIT5 - ASK05, ASEBOKIT3M - ASK03M KITs  below here.

Attilaseboshop conductive pads and keypad repair KIT can be used for most of general flexible silicone keypads in IR remote controllers, various game controllers.

Repair KIT for MIDI keyboard and synthesizers

With our repair KIT specially designed for MIDI controllers, damaged synthesizer flexible rubber strip also can be repaired.  The ASK03M, ASEBOKIT3M400, ASEBOKIT6M3-200 KIT versions are good for most of conventional or vintage synthesizer / organ / controller keyboards.

(  As mentioned above, there is no business activity currently. Therefore these products are not available now.
 We hope, the normal operation can be returned soon.
These details only for information and demonstration purposes.)

Featured products

Keypad repair KIT- 400pcs of 3,5mm conductive pads for MIDI keyboards

Keypad repair KIT, 200pcs of 3,4mm conductive pads for MIDI keyboards

MIDI keypad Repair KIT ASEBOKIT3M attilaseboshop ASK03M

Conductive rubber pads designed for synthesizer or MIDI keyboards

air pressure switch
45 mbar, general purposes

Air Pressure Switch 45 mbar attilaseboshop domino - dice - 6,3 mm jack headphoneaudio cable

domino - dice - 6,3 mm jack headphone
audio cable

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keypad repair kit AS07M3-400 attilaseboshop

(update - 01 October 2020 )  Currently my business is voluntarily suspended due to the effect of the wide range limitations worldwide.  Until I can see permanent changes or until life finally returns into normal way, attilaseboshop stores are unavailable. Thank you for understanding.
Customer service is available for former customers via email messages. Vital information are still available on the main web page here, example latest terms in downloadable PDF format.
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until 01 October 2020
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